Author: Kentetsu Takamori

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What is human happiness?

In a tropical country, an American scolded a native who spent all his time napping under a palm tree. “Stop being so lazy!” he lectured him sternly. “Why don’t you get a job and make yourself some money?”  “What would I do with money?”  “Save it in the bank and before you...
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Samurai and the horse

When the Zen Buddhist Monk Bankei (1622–93) was still an acolyte, every night he would sit in meditation. One morning after meditating he was resting by a stable when a samurai came along to train his horse. As Bankei looked on idly, it became apparent to him that the horse was out of sorts, and...
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Patience and wisdom

A certain philosopher was famous for his even temper. A woman who worked as his housekeeper for ten years swore that she never saw him so much as frown in anger.  One time a prankster offered to pay her if she could make her employer, a friend of his, lose his temper. The housekeeper thought...
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