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UK 2021.01.02

Is that true? After reading the story below, you shall be able to understand the reason or this statement.

A student went to visit a successful man and said: ‘Sir, I have been so busy lately that I cannot even find the time to study. It is an awful trouble.’ 

‘Do not be ridiculous!’, said the host. 

‘Don´t you know that, the more things a person has to do, the more he/she shall be capable of studying? Whenever you have more free time, you shall probably rest, relax or sleep. 

You need to understand that there is not special studying time. The actual study shall be performed during the times we seize along the day, within other tasks. Whoever claims to be too busy to study, shall do nothing in his/her free time.

This is how you shall achieve optimal results: whenever other people study, keep up with their pace, and whenever they are resting, keep on studying. 

Seizing or wasting time depends only on ourselves.’

‘Time flies and life goes on in the blink of an eye’, as per the saying. We often have the feeling that days and months go by increasingly fast. We are pressed by duties and terms, and thus, we miss what shall really be done. 

Do not waste a single minute, but do that for something that is really worth your while.

(By Kentetsu Takamori, author of the book ‘Why do we live?’)

In life, we have relevant and pressing things, and others that are relevant, but not that pressing. On the other hand, we can have not very relevant, but pressing issues, and others that are not that relevant and not that pressing.

Improving our sense of judgment concerning what is actually pressing and relevant in this life is also part of the path to use our time better, as it is such a valuable asset to happiness. 

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Buddhist philosophy professor, author, content editor and president of ITIMAN. International director of Ichimannendo Publishing Co. Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan.

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