UK 2021.01.07

Living the days of life

Everyone´s life is the time granted to him/her. In current standards, that can mean 80 years of age or more. How should we spend such a treasure?  A person that works in a job or in his/her own business to raise a child or pay for trip overseas spends such hours out of total that Read more
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UK 2021.01.06

The nature of pleasure

The pleasure of satisfying a wish is, undoubtedly, a happiness. Human wishes have an infinite form range: the wish to eat well, to dress according to fashion, the wish for a car or love. When one wish is satisfied, dissatisfaction and pain go away, and we find the pleasant feeling achieved in the...
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UK 2021.01.05


Do not think only of when seeds will bloom. Just plant. The world is full of people that spend time thinking of the harvest, but that never plant anything.  (By Kentetsu Takamori, author of the book ‘Why do we live?’) Good seeds (actions) produce good fruits (consequences). Bad seeds...
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UK 2021.01.02

Busy people do have more time

Is that true? After reading the story below, you shall be able to understand the reason or this statement. A student went to visit a successful man and said: ‘Sir, I have been so busy lately that I cannot even find the time to study. It is an awful trouble.’  ‘Do not be ridiculous!’,...
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