UK 2021.01.02

Busy people do have more time

Is that true? After reading the story below, you shall be able to understand the reason or this statement. A student went to visit a successful man and said: ‘Sir, I have been so busy lately that I cannot even find the time to study. It is an awful trouble.’  ‘Do not be ridiculous!’,...
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What is human happiness?

In a tropical country, an American scolded a native who spent all his time napping under a palm tree. “Stop being so lazy!” he lectured him sternly. “Why don’t you get a job and make yourself some money?”  “What would I do with money?”  “Save it in the bank and before you...
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What is the purpose of life?

This is an atemporal question that requires a clear answer. The scientific advancements allow us to have an increasingly longer and more comfortable life. However, has this progress brought true happiness? The signs seem to indicate the opposite, as the modern world seems to have brought loneliness...
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Every action has its purpose

Every action has a definite purpose. Riding in a taxi, for instance, even the quietest person speaks up without hesitation to tell the driver his destination. Otherwise, the driver would have no idea which way to go. Heading off in a direction chosen at random would be a waste of time and...
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