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Kentetsu Takamori is a professor of Buddhism and president of the Jodo Shinshu Shinrankai Association, an institution based in the province of Toyama – Japan, which is dedicated to spreading the teachings of Shinran, a great exponent of Buddhism in Japan.

More than 70 years devoted to Buddhism and a path to a happy life

For more than half a century, Professor Kentetsu Takamori has lectured in several countries and is the author of several bestsellers in Japan. In addition to Why do we live?, its main books have been translated into English, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and published in several countries in Asia, Brazil and the United States.

Among his works, stand out a path of flowers and seeds of the heart, collections of stories that bring teachings to a better and happier life.

Honesty, effort, gratitude and happiness are some of the subjects covered in their books, relevant topics not only in the formation of children, but essential for all adults who have the responsibility to educate.

“School education exerts great influence on the formation of human character, but above all it is important the education received at home, that is, that which comes from the attitudes and character of the parents”.

Kentetsu Takamori

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Simple people but with a huge heart, who want to share the knowledge acquired over the years, each within their area of expertise and the path they have traveled to the present day, but all with a single objective: to eliminate human suffering and provide full happiness in this life, the purpose of everyone's life.

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