UK 2021.01.05

Do not think only of when seeds will bloom. Just plant.

The world is full of people that spend time thinking of the harvest, but that never plant anything. 

(By Kentetsu Takamori, author of the book ‘Why do we live?’)

Good seeds (actions) produce good fruits (consequences).

Bad seeds (actions) produce bad fruits (consequences).

Everything I harvest (consequences I receive) are fruits of what I have planted (actions I practiced).

Causality Principle basic trip is a universal truth. Therefore, in any country, time, and for every person, regardless of ethnicity, gender, culture, intellect, economic and social status, these three sentences shall always be valid.

Through life, we can experience situations in which we doubt Cause and Effect Principle veracity, however, 2600 years ago, Buddha Shakyamuni stated there are no exceptions. 

We often think we do good and that we had suffering in return. Or, that we made a mistake (bad action), but, as nothing happened yet, we shall not undergo a bad consequence. 

In any of these situations, we shall be wrong, and such ignorance in relation to the Universe truth shall become the seed for our unhappiness. So, understanding deeply, correctly and fully the Causality Principle is the beginning of the path towards full and true happiness. 

Buddhist philosophy professor, author, content editor and president of ITIMAN. International director of Ichimannendo Publishing Co. Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan.

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