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In a tropical country, an American scolded a native who spent all his time napping under a palm tree. “Stop being so lazy!” he lectured him sternly. “Why don’t you get a job and make yourself some money?” 

“What would I do with money?” 

“Save it in the bank and before you know it, you’ll have a big pile.” 

“What would I do with a pile of money?” 

“Build a fine house for yourself. Then if you made more money, you could have a villa.” 

“What would I do with a villa?” 

“You could go out in the garden and nap under a palm tree.” 

“I already am napping under a palm tree.” 

What is human happiness? 

The American in the story above expounds the view promoted by humanity in general. Carothers’ story clearly demonstrates the futility of this philosophy. 

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(By Kentetsu Takamori, author of the book Why do we live?)

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Professor of Buddhism and author of several bestsellers on Buddhist philosophy, human development and education in Japan. Author of the book "Why do we live?".

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