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This is an atemporal question that requires a clear answer. The scientific advancements allow us to have an increasingly longer and more comfortable life. However, has this progress brought true happiness? The signs seem to indicate the opposite, as the modern world seems to have brought loneliness and emptiness.

Humanity is confused, without knowing if life has any purpose or if those immersed in pain should keep living. Once the purpose of life is known, all the problems and suffering acquire a meaning and, this, all our efforts will be rewarded.

When the essential dignity of human life is understood, people can see the reason on why prolonging life is important, why suicide is never a good option, why each human life is infinitely precious. So, with the doubts about the meaning of human existence solved, each one of us may proceed with determination and courage to the resolution of any other disturbing problem.

After all, why do we live?

Solidly based on the millennia-old Buddhist philosophy, the book “Why we live” offers a clear and brilliant answer: “There is a large ship that takes us full of happiness and joy through the ocean of unabated suffering of life, and the purpose of our existence is to embark on it and live with full happiness”.

What does it mean to embark on the “large ship” that takes us through the ocean of suffering? The answer to this question is the core theme of the book. In a few words, this means to have the darkness of the mind (root and core cause of human suffering) solved, and to obtain the immense and genuine joy of being alive as a human being. This full and long-lasting happiness is exactly the common desire of all of us, the purpose of our lives.

In the book “Why do we live?”, a Buddhist teacher, a psychotherapist and a philosopher point to a possible path for us to find our inner peace and fight the frustrations of daily life, from the legacy of Buddhist philosophy.

This book teaches us that happiness is not where we usually look for it. And helps us in finding the real meaning of life.

“Why do we live?” was originally published in Japan and has already sold more than 1 million copies. It was also issued in English (United Kingdom and United States), Spanish (Spain and Peru), French (France), Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Chinese (China and Taiwan) and Korean (South Korea). The British issue will be published in January 2021 and will be available in the largest bookshops in the United Kingdom and on the internet from 20 January, 2021.

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Buddhist philosophy professor, author, content editor and president of ITIMAN. International director of Ichimannendo Publishing Co. Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan.

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