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UK 2021.01.03

The more Wistaria sinensis flower bends, more people look to admire its beauty. The more humble a person is, more respect he/she captivates. 

Therefore, bending with humility only to achieve respect is despicable. 

(By Kentetsu Takamori, author of the book ‘Why do we live?’)

A person that inspires respect is the one that has virtues. 

Virtue is something that is not acquired overnight, as it developed in each action we execute daily.

One of the greatest virtues a human being can have, humility is the fruit of knowledge and conscience that we are all the same. 

In a radiography, everyone shall be equally reduced to nothing more than a bone set. Likewise, despite the differences between human beings: some are more good looking, some are rich and some are poor, men and women, senior citizens and youngsters, from the inside, what we think and feel is not very different from the rest of human kind. 

The human being essence is the same in every person, regardless of countries, cultures and times. That is what the wise Buddhist philosophy teaches us, as per the following words:

I shall not condemn anyone, no matter how huge their defects are, 

as they mean practically nothing if compared to mine. 

Let us practice daily and acquire virtues for happiness!

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Buddhist philosophy professor, author, content editor and president of ITIMAN. International director of Ichimannendo Publishing Co. Ltd. - Tokyo, Japan.

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